If you ever wondered how important is my credit score and how does it affect me? You may be very surprised. Potential employers are looking at your credit. Buying a house depends on your credit unless you have cash. Buying a car with bad instead of good credit may cost you thousands.

You can get you real score for just $1.00 right now. You can have it monitored monthly if you like for a small additional fee.
Watch the free video for more reasons to watch and monitor your credit and maintain a good score?


Once you get your credit score you can then decide if you are satisfied or need to improve it. If you can write a letter you can usually get the bad stuff off your credit and improve you score a little. If you need major help here are two good places to look?

Do You Need A Little Credit Repair Help? Best Credit Repair Service with a Guarantee

Do you need Credit Repair Help? Best credit repair with a Guarantee

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