How I Say Who He Is: Thoughts About Matthew 16:15

“He said to them, ‘but who do you say that I am?”

Matthew 5:16

[Note: These are the words of God whispered to my heart after I read the above Scripture. I first prayed James 1:21, asking God to help me put aside all filthiness in the moral cesspool of this fallen world and all evil influence and humbly receive His Word, as His Spirit implants it into my mind to transform the way I think.]

“You already tell those around you who I am by the way you live and don’t live, by what you say and don’t say, and by the way you treat others. You tell them who I am to you whether you realize it or not. When I am the Lord of your life, it shows. When I am the Prince of your peace, it shows on your face, countenance, tone of voice, and how you respond to others. When I mean virtually nothing to you, that shows as well.

“The power of My Spirit living in you enables you to live as My Son lived on earth. He did not call on His divine nature for help. In order to have compassion for you, He lived as you now live, helpless without the power of My Spirit. He called on, relied on, and knew full well that the power of My Spirit was sufficient for Him to succeed in His mission on earth. The same power is enough for you to succeed in your mission on earth as well.”

[Note: This is my response to God’s personal words whispered to my heart.]

“Thank You, Father, for Jesus! Thank You for His supreme sacrifice for me. He gave up all the power, glory, and dominion of Heaven and put on the flesh of man. He humbled Himself and became the Son of Man, servant to all. He made Himself nothing when He became obedient to death, even death on a cross for me.

“Thank You for the power of Your Spirit in me and for His presence that brings Your powerful love into my heart and life. Teach me to rely completely on Him to overcome all obstacles, to follow You as I follow His lead, and to come to know You and Your will for my life each day. Fill me with His holy boldness to speak Your Truth framed in Your grace. Help me to walk and live in total submission to His lead, just as Jesus did. Help me to let You glorify Yourself in my life, just as Jesus did while He was on earth.”


Written by Billy Yancey

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