Stop Focusing On Your Own Limitations: Thoughts About Matthew 15:33

“And the disciples said to Him, ‘Where would we get so many loaves in a desolate place to satisfy such a great multitude?'”

Matthew 15:33

[Note: These are the words of God whispered to my heart after I read the above Scripture. I first prayed James 1:21, asking God to help me put aside all filthiness in the moral cesspool of this fallen world and all evil influence and humbly receive His Word, as His Spirit implants it into my mind to transform the way I think.]

“My disciples once again saw their own limitations. Be honest–don’t you make the very same mistake over and over? They were still operating in their own wisdom and ability and therefore failed to attempt something that required My power, My help, and My intervention to accomplish.

“Shift your focus away from what you don’t have onto the One you do have, My Holy Spirit, who lives inside you. How many times a day, an hour, a minute do you ask Me to intervene for you? It should be countless, just as your heartbeats and the times you inhale and exhale each day are too many to number.

“Don’t ask for My opinion. Don’t pray, “Lord, what do You think?” Ask instead for My wisdom, My understanding, and My discernment, and for My will to be done. Ask Me to show you exactly what to say, do, think, and feel. Ask Me, “Lord, what would You have me say, do, think, or feel in this situation?” Ask Me to meet needs through your own personality, resources, gifts, strengths, and abilities. Ask Me to supply supernatural resources when yours are limited. Ask Me to work through your weaknesses as well. Ask Me to do it to help others, encourage and instruct others, challenge others, confront others gently, and confront sin head on. Ask Me to speak through you what needs to be said upfront, out in the open, in love, and not just what others want to hear.”

[Note: This is my response to God’s personal words whispered to my heart.]

“Father, fill me with such boldness to speak Your exact words at exactly the right time from a pure heart. Open my eyes to see both the needs around me and Your power in me to meet those needs. Teach me to not only ask but to believe that Your will is going to be done. Be glorified in the meeting of these needs, Lord, and be lifted up to draw others to Your throne of grace so others may behold and repentantly believe on Your name!”


Written by Bill Yancey

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